February 1, 2015

Excuse Me, What Did You Say?

This week, once again, hosts a question presented to me by a reader. And the answer comes from a couple of excerpts of my book, Channeling the Divine. It covers the various ways we connect to Spirit and how this is a unique experience for each of us. It also talks about how our “alternate” senses, like our physical senses, can have one or two that dominate, and this may have an effect on how we receive messages. To help you find out which of your alternate senses is strongest, check out my free guided visualization called “The Lemon Exercise”.

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From Over There: 2.1.15 Weekly Focus

Q: Is there a universal way that our guides or higher selves communicate with us? How do we know when they’re communicating with us vs. us making stuff up in our heads?

[Excerpts from Channeling the Divine]
I Can Be Reached At…
While opening yourself up to channel it’s important to be aware of the potential ways the information may come through to you. Everyone has some level of intuitive development – it’s part of our natural way of being – though the ability to connect with Spirit is a skill that you can definitely hone. Even so, the one thing that I’ve encountered repeatedly when guiding students in my channeling classes is their lack of faith in their abilities. Time and time again I hear how they don’t think they’re connecting because they can’t “see” anything. My response to that is, just like your physical senses, your intuitive or “alternate” senses are unique. Meaning, just as you may have higher auditory perception, or clearer vision, or a better sense of smell, or stronger sense of taste than someone else, your connection to Spirit will likely come through in a variety of different ways as well. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always come through “sight”, also known as “clairvoyance”, and it is important for you to know where your strength lies in regard to your alternate senses. Knowing this will help you better understand and recognize the messages when they come through. You’ll have the opportunity to uncover your strongest alternate senses in an upcoming exercise.
Another way my students have questioned their connection is that oftentimes there is an expectation that the experience is going to blast through in a profound way. While yes, you just might hear a chorus of Angels singing, or see bright lights streaming down from above, it’s rarely that grand an entrance. What you really want to strive for is strengthening the everyday connection that doesn’t disrupt your daily life. The more subtle the flow of information the easier it is to use throughout the day, and sometimes the messages you receive will be useful right at the moment you need them. Just know that with continued practice receiving messages in this way will begin to flow more naturally over time.
It’s important to not get too attached to Spirit’s method of delivering a message or you may miss something. Take special notice of repeated phrases that you randomly hear through songs or conversations. At the time it may feel like coincidence, but there’s a pretty good chance it’s something you might want to pay attention to.  I remember one time turning on the television and receiving all sorts of profound and useful information from watching a – I have to admit – pretty dumb sitcom. I can’t remember the name of the show, all I know is that it’s something that I normally would never have watched. Now I’m not suggesting that you purposely watch bad TV in hopes of receiving life-altering insight, I’m just giving you an example of some of the off-the-wall ways information can present itself. The Universe can, indeed, have an interesting sense of humor, so be open to information from unusual sources now and then.

It’s All in Your Head…
Many times when you first start to notice that you’re receiving information you may feel as if you’re “making it up”. That you’re just imagining things. When you pull in messages through visual images they very often feel like they’re just flights of fancy or daydreams. This is especially true when the images that arise seem a little off-the-wall if you were to take them literally. It’s important to pay attention, even if what you’re “seeing” doesn’t immediately make sense. I constantly receive images that are purely symbolic, and I need to “decode” them in order to find their meaning. If something comes through that doesn’t make sense or is difficult to decipher, simply ask for clarification so you can better understand it.
This is also true when receiving information via thought process. It often feels like your own random thoughts flying around your head, but the difference will be in the message itself. When receiving messages from benevolent energies there will be less emotional charge than if they’re coming from your ego. You will never be left feeling assaulted or demeaned in any way. If it does come through in a way that doesn’t feel supportive, then it just may be a sign that it’s your ego is popping in. Take a step back from it when this occurs and see where it’s coming from. If it feels like your ego, inquire a little more on what it would like you to know or see. Oftentimes messages from the ego are colored by past experience, so see if the information is truly useful, or just the ego acting out of fear.  
Another thing to keep in mind when first starting out is that you may find yourself straining to force the appearance of a message. It can be frustrating when you feel the need for a quick answer and nothing presents itself immediately, but when you try to force information it moves you out of receiving mode and into effort. While in this state of effort it blocks the flow of allowing, making it more difficult to receive. I know that it might seem a little backward at first. How can you stop the receiving of something that you put effort into getting? What it boils down to is that when you go into effort your ego takes over, demanding the information to come through. When you’re working from a place of ego, you’re working with lower or denser vibrations and this doesn’t match the higher frequencies of Spirit. A calmer state of mind is needed to allow the messages to come. This being said, the more you practice this form of communication, the more easily you can access it.
I know that I’ve had instances where my state of mind was less than calm when searching for an answer. When this occurs take a deep breath, calm your nerves a little, and then ask again. No matter how connected any of us are, our human nature has a tendency to surface. The important thing is to stay aware of it. Another reason you might not get the answers you’re seeking is that you might not be ready to receive them. This happens when we’re overly attached to our perception of a situation or individual, or what we think our desired outcome should look like. Stay open to having your mind changed and it will make it easier for the flow of information to keep coming through. In any event, when information comes from Spirit, know that it is for your highest and best good.

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