August 9, 2015

Some Space Between the Lines

I started writing this blog going on five years ago, and for the most part—minus a skipped post here and there—I’ve been consistent in getting a message out at the beginning of each week. It’s been quite an opportunity for me in both growth as a writer and a in deepening my spiritual connection. But sometimes things can grow a little stale, especially when they start to feel formulaic—which is what I’ve been feeling as of late. So…I’m taking a little break to hit the refresh button and see what surfaces.

I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my posts. This isn’t “goodbye”, rather, it’s “see ya later”. And I’d love to hear your feedback about the blog and what you’ve liked or you haven’t liked, and what you might have found interesting or maybe not so interesting. Feel free to comment to this post, send me an email ( or message me via my website. I’m truly open to any and ALL comments and appreciate whatever you have to say. And again, thanks so much for your time.

With Love, As Always.


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