January 19, 2015

Money, Energy & Martin Luther King, Jr.

This week’s message comes from questions I was asked by a colleague. I invite questions from my readers that can be useful to those who read this blog. The subject this week is at the top of just about everyone’s list and something that seems to be coming up a lot in conversations I’ve had as of late: money.

This being Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I wondered how money might relate to honoring his legacy and for those who continue to bring a voice to the disenfranchised. Well, since there are still those in power who use poverty as means of control over certain sections of society, and on the flipside having money gives us greater opportunity to do good in the world, I guess the messages below tie in quite nicely. It’s all about empowering ourselves and using that power to uplift those around us. If use altruistically it can help unite us as a global community and build a more positive future for the world. I’d say that’s a good thing.

Happy Birthday, Reverend King.

With Love.


From Over There: 1.18.15 Weekly Focus
 Why are so many of us concerned about our financial well-being? Why does it seem to be an issue for just about everyone?

It is cultural. In your particular culture there is a mindset of the need to have more. Even if you are one who chooses to live outside of convention, there is still a cultural energy that surrounds you. This leaves one in a state of eternal lack, as if there can never be enough – no matter how much money one has, there is a fear of not enough.

Many hold onto the idea that money is outside of them and unattainable. Money is simply a form of energy exchange, and it is necessary to align with the divine perspective of money in order to break free of the binds of cultural mindset.

Can you speak on how to become aligned with the divine perspective of money? Why does it seem that some of us have a clear connection to it and others don’t?

It is not in whether one has a clear connection to this energy, rather it is the underlying beliefs one holds that builds their relationship with it. Money is simply energy activated by intent. What does it represent to you?  Does it represent achievement, love or happiness? Is it viewed as a mechanism of survival?  Do you give it authority over you, or allow those with large amounts of it to control you? Does the amount you receive make you feel inferior or superior to others? Give you a sense of entitlement? Or a sense of shame? Does it represent betrayal, abandonment, anger or resentment? When you think of money, what feelings arise? Being mindful of these thoughts, feelings and beliefs will help you understand the core of your relationship to this energy. It is through a dedication to stay conscious as these thoughts and feelings arise that will uncover beliefs that you may not have as part of your conscious awareness. It is in exposing these beliefs that one may rise above and begin to build a more positive and powerful relationship with money.

For money to be a positive influence in one’s life, it must be met with benevolent intent. It must be a source for creating a more empowered life and as a mechanism of support for oneself and others. When it is used as a way of controlling another or allowing oneself to be controlled by another, the relationship with money falls out of divine alignment. When one’s sense of self is controlled by how much money they have or do not have, then they have fallen out of divine alignment in their relationship with money. It is in perceiving money as an energy just like other types of energetic forces. All energetic forces are fueled by intention. The more empowered your thoughts around money, the more good it will bring to your life.    

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