January 11, 2015

Stand Up

The terrorist attacks and murders in Paris this last week have once again left most of us feeling devastated and outraged. Following this was an inspiring show of solidarity as thousands – from a diverse spectrum of spiritual and religious beliefs, including many Muslim – took to the streets in support of those who were killed. It shows that we can rise above these acts, even in the face of fear.

This week’s post is an excerpt from my upcoming book and it covers the act of bullying. The violence that was perpetrated at the hands of the terrorists is an act of bullying at it most extreme. This excerpt is more directed toward instances where we might feel pushed around by someone who chooses to use intimidation tactics in their daily interactions instead of playing fair. It’s something we all encounter at some point in our lives, though we can make ourselves better equipped to protect ourselves with a little shift in consciousness. We may not be able to stop global acts of terrorism, but we can at least defend ourselves and others in our day-to-day lives from where we stand right now.

Sending love to the 12 killed, to their families and to everyone affected by the Charlie Hedbo tragedy. Je suis Charlie.

With Love.


From Over There: 1.11.15 Weekly Focus (excerpt from Channel Surfing)

 “Q: Can you speak to us about the act of bullying and how can someone rise above the pain – especially when they’re young and vulnerable?
A: This type of behavior occurs when the perpetrator only understands anger as the way to empowerment and value. These individuals lack a conscious connection to their true source of power – their spirit-self. They are cut off in such a way that they do not recognize themselves as the divine being that they are. They have forgotten this. The one who is acted upon has also lost touch with their divine self and is seen as weaker than the perpetrator, so therefore an easy target of the anger. It is through each individual finding their own value – especially value in their uniqueness – that renders the perpetrator ineffective. Only through fear do individuals prey upon the well-being of another. In the presence of love no such act can stand. When one loves and values oneself, they understand their value from the perspective of love, and through this perspective find no joy in bringing harm to others. It is through the desire to accept and appreciate one's uniqueness that one begins to build the true source of strength and power - the spirit.

I feel it necessary to add a side note here. The answers to this question may seem over simplified, and to our dense energetic existence they are, though it’s important to remember that in the world of Spirit, anything is possible and easily attainable. The answers are guidance to help you understand that in appreciating and valuing ourselves, we lower the risk of being the victim of bullying or assault. Someone who exudes confidence does not make an easy target. Though this isn’t always the case and sometimes we’re simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, or we are caught in the crossfire of someone else’s dispute. A good point to remember is that regardless of the trials or tribulations that may come your way, a good dose of self-love just makes life so much sweeter and those trials and tribulations more easily surmountable.”

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